about me

I’ve had many web sites over the years. The first back in 1993 when the internet was in its infancy.

The first web site was fitting services which I set up to compliment the handyman business I set up to fund my Open University education. The OU is a fabulous institution and if you are looking to improve, then I’d very much recommend it.

Around the year 2000, the internet really started to become a must have for anyone in business, and I had by then started adding the products I was supplying and fitting to the web site.
I added more web sites to cover the specific areas and products I was selling, and looking back this was a mistake. Complicated and time consuming. Hence I now as of 2023 only have this one web site craigmitchell.me
It also makes economic sense to have on site:

  • One set of software licences
  • One hosting bill
  • In terms of time, one site to maintain


The Craig part of this site will contain information relating to my experience with the internet and web sites.

Bog Lizard

I’ve always had something in my head about Eucalyptus trees and before going to work offshore in my mid twenties, started growing a few in my parents greenhouse.

The house I bought in rural Ireland had an acre of land, all but a very small fraction of which was grass. To start with it, mowing it was a novelty and it complimented another project I was working on ancancha, weight loss and fitness. Mowing the lawns soon became a chore, though thankfully I’d already started growing and planting Eucalyptus, and this turned into Bog Lizard.


The internet matured and sales from my original business which morphed into oomtoo started to decrease. Thankfully I saw it coming and divested myself of the majority of stock. Brexit didn’t help. In 2015 I moved to Ireland and so remained part of the EU while most of my customers were in the UK.
I do still have the stock I display on this site and will keep a few product lines that I’m happy to promote, due to their quality and cost.
Soft furnishing is an industry where the major brands have major prices. There are alternatives which are just as good quality and less expensive.
I was an early adopter of digital cameras and video recorders and started posting to YouTube quite early on. Some of the content, notably Swish Superluxe Cording Instructions, contains pay to view content including photos and video instructions.


From 2001 until moving to Ireland, I put on weight and struggled with alcohol addiction.What I termed “Part Time Alcoholism” I worked out why and now maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle is effortless 🙂
ancancha is my story, what I’ve learned, the mistakes I made and the surprises I uncovered about my physical health generally.