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14th September 2023

I write a daily diary post, and have done since 2011 when I started getting serious about my obesity and general health.
Most days this is just the basics of my ancancha weight loss and fitness stats (weight and waist measurement), what I eat and get up to as well as anything noticeable.
Photos and videos of the meals I eat and others related to what I get up to generally.
From the period 2016 to 2018; critiques of weight loss and fitness programs I watched, read about or listened too. Can’t say any of them did it for me 😏 I worked out why I struggled with weight loss and what I describe as part time alcoholism, made the necessary changes and now maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle is effortless 🀣
From heaviest to lightest I lost 30 kilos, not far off a third of my bodyweight.

I’m very keen on growing trees and environmental issues; ‘climate change’ so also posts on my experience of growing, mainly Eucalyptus and Paulownia trees on my small patch of land in West Clare Ireland.

Quinoa and chickpea stew with spinach
  • 30 grams of unsalted almonds
  • As in the photo, Quinoa and chickpea stew with spinach, parmesan and a pitta bread.

Still sticking to reducing the calories in, less nuts and also less parmesan. And managing to leave the last couple of mouthfuls of pitta bread πŸ˜‡

Quinoa and chickpea stew with spinach left overs

closely followed by

  • A couple of squares of dark chocolate

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