April 2018

The Eucalyptus took a beating during one particularly cold and strong wind during March, and had just started putting out new growth when the “Beast from the East’ struck and I thought they’d been finished off, and I’d made a huge mistake

Beast from the east Eucalyptus 020418

Nonetheless I carried on with the Poly Tunnel foundations, in hope as this is what they looked like, very brown dead leaves on an evergreen tree

Those Eucalyptus Viminalis that were sheltered along the ditch had fared best, and some had retained the new growth. The photo below taken on the 21st of July 2018

Eucalyptus Viminalis sheltered Beast storm 010718

The Viminalis that I planted at my sisters have been fully exposed to the Atlantic gales, and she was very doubtful that they would recover. I tried to be encouraging and told her to be patient as some of mine were showing signs of recovery.

I continued with my business plans and finished off the Poly Tunnels, which turned out grand, I couldn’t have been more pleased, and the seeds that I had by now put into a dedicated fridge in the outhouse to stratify had germinated though I knew from now on there wouldn’t be much respite.