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Slugs 😧

It’s been a very wet year, even the summer after an equally dry spring was wet 🌧 ideal conditions for slugs.

Rats eat slugs, though the semi tame fox eats rats, so not many of them around any more. There are plenty of mice though, so perhaps I should stop feeding the fox as the mice have found a way into the house 😏
Do Humane Mouse Traps Work

Anyway, the slugs are having an impact on the germination of Eucalyptus in particular which tend to have very small seeds.
There have been lots of slugs, some very large eating the seeds in the seed trays, this one is actually quite small

Slug in seed tray

Plenty of them outside, but that isn’t an issue, other than if they keep multiplying, then the Paulownia may start to suffer

Paulownia slugs

Decaying Paulownia leaves are definitely on their menu

Slugs eaten leaf

After some research, the two methods that appealed to me we:

  • Salt, so I tried it, the effect on the slug I dropped a few flakes on was dramatic, probably too graphic for the sensibilities of some, though try it, Slugs really don’t like salt ! Antennae up and high tailing it would be a good description !
  • Alcohol in shallow trays. Not sure how much I will use this method now salt has proved so effective, but I guess I will use it and record the results.
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Humane mouse traps

Humane mouse traps are very effective, though perhaps don’t encourage mice in the first place.
Good hygiene standards πŸ˜‰

Craig - Mouse in humane mouse trap

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