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Attic shelving and table top saw wobble fixed 🤣

I’ve been internet retailing since 1995, and more or less went full time during 2003 when I started to wind down my handyman business ‘Fitting Services’ sadly a domain I no longer have, c’est la vie.

Anyways, I still enjoy running the mail order business that was born out of the embers of Fitting Services, this site oomtoo though the market has matured and seeing the writing on the wall, I’ve reduced inventory over the last decade.

More and more I find myself going back to the roots of my original business Fitting Services; I no longer go out and do handyman work, though very much enjoy doing the joinery and small handyman jobs for my own personal needs.

When I first came to Ireland and the house I now stay in, I was still doing a reasonable trade in spare parts for curtain tracks:


Though have gradually as I’ve said, reduced inventory and will specialise in a few manufacturers product ranges. I also have an idea to catalogue and provide information on other manufacturers products as an affiliate.

Anyways, with a reduced inventory, reduced requirement for space devoted to oomtoo, and starting early last year, 2022, I started restructuring.

I write up a diary with photos and videos on a wight loss and fitness project I’ve been putting together for many years. I know a lot about how to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle now 😉
Some photos of the original shelving in the diary entry on this page, and a better impression in the video on this page what it looked like back before shelving storage

The attic of the outhouse had always been a bit of a mess with underutilised space. There was a loft ladder to access it, which was a hassle 😏
Very pleased with the stairs I constructed an installed which make it easy to get up and down.

The Bosch GTS 10XC has been good, but definitely not great with the blade wobble. I am so please to have fixed this issue. You can access the parts list and order the clamping flange, part no.125 online.
My saw blade is now about 0.05 of a millimetre out, so I’m happy with the way it cuts now.

Other links:

The dust commander comes with adapters which reduce the internal diameter of the system. I made modifications which increased the internal diameter and it made a very significant difference 😮 and if you set up this type of dust extraction system for your own workshop, then I’d strongly encourage you to do the same 😉

The self levelling laser was fabulous 😁 I’d previously bought a cheaper laser which is fine for lining things up, though generally projects require things to be level.

A few photos:

Shelving from above and beneath

attic shelving from above
attic shelving from beneath

Organised workspaces really make a difference, I’ve always taken the time to set things up for efficiency 😉

storage bins and shelving scales

The proximity of the photography station to all the parts will save time traipsing to another area to take the photos which used to be the case, so major time savings

storage bins and shelving

So much more efficient to have the stairs instead of the loft ladder 🙂

attic full with stair well

Those of you interested in ensuring the blade on your table top saw is as true as it can be.

Here’s the before, around 0.43mm out, and as I saw, a wobble rather than alignment. It was noticeable that the saw would struggle with what I would consider average loads for its capability. This due to the blade being at and angle to the feed.

Table top saw before

After my grinding off the clamping flange; about 0.05mm, which I’m happy is within tolerance. I may at some point order up a new clamping flange for this Bosch GTX 10XC, I’ll see how it performs over the next few months. No guarantees that a new flange won’t need grinding into true as well.

Table top saw after

Difficult to give an impression of smoothness, though you can take my word that the finish from a 24 tooth Freud blade, rip cut, is smooth enough for the quality of joinery I am engaged in. Not saying that I might become a bit more adventurous in the future though 😉

Rip cut with 24 tooth blade after