Church Hill farm

My parents were from South Africa, and often talked about gum trees, so I had Eucalyptus in my mind from an early age

In my late teens, possibly early twenties, I worked on a fruit farm in West Sussex, near West Chiltington. They had a Eucalyptus tree, and I remember it quite distinctly, and the smell of Eucalyptus oil when the leaves were crushed.

The things you remember

I have looked for the farm on Google Earth, it’s very built up now. Back then it was in the country ! Anyway they had a lot of apple trees which are no longer there, and a row of huge Poplar trees which are, and of course the Eucalyptus  not sure if it’s still there, though there is a very large tree where I remember it used to be. If it is that Eucalyptus, then it must be a mighty tree now