I’ve been doing IT since 1993 when I started an Open University course. It was at the start of the internet age with dial up 😧 probably few of you remember dial up. It worked and you could send emails and view web pages. I actually thought it was incredible and still do, though things have certainly improved 🙂

I had a web site very early on, and enjoy developing web sites.

Around 2013 I settled on the platform WordPress for all my sites. Mostly the decision was influenced my a requirement to offer memberships and access to paid members content. WordPress seemed to be the ideal platform at reasonably cost. Making it accessible to micro businesses like me.

Web sites have to be aesthetically pleasing and graphic design is part of this.
I’ve designed all of the logos, colour schemes and layouts for my web sites and have had some fabulous comments over the years.

I was very keen on art as a child and when I left working offshore, part of the strategy was to paint pictures for a living. I painted some nice ones, or at least I think so.
You can let me know, it does help to have good material 😉

Here’s a couple

When I worked offshore on the oil rigs, I put forward quite a few ideas for improving our (us workies at the heavy end) working environment, and another goal when leaving and doing the Open University was to improve my knowledge. As with my computing, I added to my innovation and design skills.

I am a one man show now, though I did have employees when I ran my handyman business and I put these skills to good use when I came up with a novel solution and layout for van storage. The employees loved it. It was so easy to find everything, a great time saving.

I’ve recently restructured the working environment in my outhouse. Going from the layout for oomtoo, a mini warehouse to a workspace organised for germinating and growing trees. There is still space devoted to a micro warehouse in the attic, and a large part of the downstairs area is kitted out for woodworking.

There will usually be small tweaks and changes to any design, this is normal even for those working in teams on large expensive projects; it’s simply not possible to predict every eventuality.
Dyson vacuum cleaners initially went through hundreds of modifications while developing a product fit for purpose and they haven’t stood still, though the Dyson hoover I bought almost a decade ago still works fine 😉

Outhouse design