Eucalyptus Nitens Flowers

The first of the Nitens started flowering about three years after being planted.

Eucalyptus Nitens

From what I am led to believe, by the research I did initially, eucalyptus hybridise readily. This makes sense as many of them are very similar and form families of sub species.

Eucalyptus Nitens flowers are small and white, as soon as I get a photo of mine, I will post it Most eucalyptus flowers are small and white.

With eucalyptus seed becoming scarcer, certainly in the EU where there are now import restrictions; I’ve had a few of thoughts that might help:

Eucalyptus dry up boggy ground, so would be a fabulous idea for wet golf courses. Why do I think this is a good idea ?
Golf courses tend to be more than a kilometre apart, so far enough apart to prevent hybridising.
It could provide clubs with an additional income stream.

Golf has national organisations, so this could be coordinated with no sub-species being within a kilometre radius.

Here are some photos of Eucalyptus flower buds and seed capsules
These are last years capsules, so I may harvest them in the next few weeks and see if they have any viable seeds

Eucalyputs Nitens fruit 030923

The flowers start off as these tulip shaped capsules

Eucalyptus Nitens flower bud initial

which open out with several flower buds from which small white flowers emerge

Eucalyptus Nitens flower bud intermediate

The tree at the beginning of the video has lots of flower bud clusters, and quite a few of those eucalyptus Nitens within thirty metres, so there should be enough diversity to produce viable seeds.