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The range of manufacturers of curtain tracks and poles is extensive ! Some manufacturers like HINNO manufacture their own products, while a significant number of own brand manufacturers simply assemble their curtain tracks and window blinds from off the shelf components.

Probably one of the most useful pages on oomtoo is Anatomy of Curtain Tracks which details the parts that make up a curtain track. If you are looking for a spare part and don’t know what it is called, then this is a very good place to start.

The popularity of Sew-In pleat hooks especially in the commercial sector, hotels and other large buildings means that several companies have competed for a share of the market. Microflex was first to market, but now with several others making slightly different versions; finding a spare hook for them can be challenging. The hooks aren’t compatible with the sleeves! Adjustable Sew-in Curtain Hooks Comparison helps you find the exact curtain hook required.

If all your efforts to find replacement parts for your track or blind fail and you need to buy a new system, then Curtain Track Recommendations will be beneficial.

Bay window curtain tracks and poles can be fabulous provided you buy a reasonable quality product and it fits correctly. Because I used to go out in a van and fit curtain tracks and poles I feel uniquely place to give advice.