Fabric dyes from Eucalyptus

The breadth of use that Eucalyptus trees provide is astonishing !

Interested in buying Eucalyptus foliage the bark is used for fabric dying.

Many of the Eucalyptus that can be grown in Ireland and Europe are suitable for use in the process of dyeing clothes and fabrics:

Though interestingly when cutting a few wind blown and non performing (trees that aren’t growing as vigorously as they should) Viminalis, I noted dark purple smears on the timber. Initially I thought, because they were old and perhaps dead and dry, the saw was heating up and burning the timber. Then I worked it out, it is the natural dye from the bark.

So another variety to add to your collection if you are interested in fabric dying with Eucalyptus is Viminalis.

A good resource, particularly in respect of which varieties produce different colours in different fabrics is Sally Blake

Bog Lizard - Eucalyptus dying