Firestarter logs, Eucalyptus brash 🤔

Firestarter logs are popular here in Ireland, and I did use them for a while.
Usually I would chop them up into three, so they worked out at around 50 cents each per fire lit. They are a bit messy and smell if you chop them up, they, so far as I could make out, a mixture of wood and peat impregnated with paraffin or some other accelerant.

For anyone who has some spare land, then growing Eucalyptus for firewood is a no brainer. Apart from being a sustainable fuel, its economically a good option.
See the economics on this page Mini Forests

Eucalyptus Rodwayi are grown commercially for firewood and have been frost hardy and wind resilient here in West Clare, Ireland.

One of the fabulous benefits of most eucalyptus, is that they can be planted at any time of year 😁