Gilmerton 2015

I can’t remember the exact date, certainly must have been after 2010, but the specimen tree I planted at the same time as planting the hedge blew over in a particularly strong gale. By this time it would have been over two stories high. Perhaps eight metres in 8 years. The same gale blew the side off a house, and several chimneys as well !
I cut it back several times. Large Eucalyptus can be planted in smaller gardens, but they will need regular pruning to keep them in check.

The hedge which I cut back to about a metre on several occassions survived everything. It was regularly trimmed with a hedge trimmer. On reflection I wish I’d cut it back to around twenty centimetres after the first year, perhaps forty the second year, sixty the third and so on till the final height was reached and it would have been thicker at the bottom, and generally.

Eucalyptus Gunnii hedge Gilmerton April 2015

I’ve since updated my hedge strategy 😉