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Griselina as Firewood πŸ€”

Griselina firewood 141023

I noticed a while ago how thick the Griselina were at the base. The thickest one, probably about forty centimetres in diameter.

Griselina cleared from Subcrenulata

I get the impression that these may have been cut back soon after they were planted, perhaps as long ago as 2009; to promote bushy growth.

Griselina showing multiple big shoots

So far as I am awareGriselina grow quickly and will become bushy naturally.

Griselina cut showing multiple big shoots

I was expecting to find more birds nests, one reason I’ve left it so late in the year to cut them down, but all I found was one old one. I don’t think it had been used this year.

Griselina birds nest

So pleased I got on with this. Always a tough call to cut down anything here, though the Eucalyptus will develop much faster with the increase in sun shine, day light.

Griselina cleared from poly tunnel