June 2017

Once I got to Ireland and got settled I was keen to try again with the Eucalyptus.

I don’t have an exact date, but early in 2017 I bought some packets of seeds. Towards the end of March I sowed them into trays and did my best to stratify them, though I didn’t have a dedicated fridge, and wasn’t keen to put them into the house fridge.

Quite a few germinated and I potted them on into peat pots, not a great idea, they dried out quickly and required constant watering.

I also popped cut off plastic bottles on top to help protect them from the wind.

Eucalyptus seedlings April 2017

I got a cheap poly tunnel

Eucalyptus seedlings in peat pots poly tunnel April 2017

to house those I’d potted on

Eucalyptus seedlings in poly tunnel April 2017

It was a warm dry summer and they’d have been fine outside, the only issue was wind; I’d propagated Viminalis primarily and they can be a bit spindly to start with.