Milk Kefir for Soil Improvement 🥛

The background to my using Milk Kefir to improve the health of my soil started when a couple of farmers came down to check out the Eucalyptus trees.
One of them told a tale of the farmers in the US, who, not being paid enough for their milk by the stores, dumped it back onto the fields. The result a few weeks later was that the grass where they had poured the milk was putting on a significant growth spurt.
The farmer said he’d filled up a slurry tank with a diluted mix of milk and water and sprayed it on half a field. Three years later they could still see the contrast between the area treated and the area not treated.

So I decided to give it a go as well, though on a much smaller scale.

Sure enough, it worked 😮 the very green strip of grass to the left of the gap in the wall.

Milk Kefir experiment

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Anyways it dawned on my that it wasn’t actually all milk I was pouring on the area, but a mixture of the past it’s sell by date milk and also the past it’s best Milk Kefir that I drink.

Here’s the video from the first experiment

Here’s what it looks like now, a couple of years later, NOTE the ground behind the wall is very poor, hence the generally slow establishment

Milk Kefir Gunnii hedge

So I did another experiment to the right of the right of the gap in the wall using pure Milk Kefir and the results were even more impressive.

Of all the Eucalyptus Gunnii in this hedge, those that grew fastest and thickest were where I’d inoculated the soil with Milk Kefir, the area to the right of the gap in the wall for about three metres.

Milk Kefir Gunnii hedge

I tried it on the grass behind the hedge. This is an area where they landscaped when building the house. It is very poor ground, compacted with only a thin covering of soil. It doesn’t hold the moisture and generally the vegetation is sparser and browned off.

The photo below was taken on the 16th of April 2021, and you can seen the difference my pouring milk kefir in strips down the lawn has made.

Back lawn Kefir 160421

The green, lush strips which have been inoculated with Milk Kefir are most noticeable during what would be the dormant winter season. So inoculating the soil with Milk Kefir is extending the growing season. For the forester, farmer and enthusiastic grower, this can only be beneficial 😉

The video below taken on the 25th of September 21 updates the effective longevity of inoculating the soil with Milk Kefir

Milk Kefir Grains

I sell Milk Kefir Grains for soil improvement, there’s a video on the page demonstrating just how easy it is to make a batch of Milk Kefir to inoculate your soil and my methods of doing so.