November 2018

The summer of 2018 was very dry, and it was noticeable that once the drought ended, and the Eucalyptus had access to more hydration, they put on a growth spurt and looked a lot healthier.

It’s now late November, and the weather has been kinder than at anytime during the lifetime of my Eucalyptus mini forest ! and it shows. There’s been significant growth in the last couple of months and many of the trees are now looking very healthy with lush green growth.

Most are very well established now and I am very much expecting some awesome results next year.

As in the video, there have been a few that haven’t recovered and established as well, probably around five percent. I want to leave them till a month or so after the longer warmer days next season just to see how they get on. If they don’t look as though they will make good firewood trees, them I will replace them.

Eucalyptus Nitens are certainly unusual for a tree !