Nursery stock

Nursery stock update 29th August 2023

NOTE I only ship root trained plugs as they establish more quickly and grow into a studier tree less likely to require staking.


  • Urnigera some stock
  • Camphora some stock
  • Ovata some stock
  • Viminalis good stock
  • Globulus some stock
  • Rodwayi good stock, and highly recommended, very frost hardy and wind resilient. Grown commercially for firewood, as well as good shade and shelter for livestock 😉

Paulownia good stock of all varieties:

  • Tomentosa
  • Elongata
  • Pao Tong
  • Shan Tong
  • Nord Max

If you want to be notified when stock of particular varieties become available get in touch.

All the plugs are root trained 😉
PLEASE 🙏🏻 DON’T crush or tease out the root systems of any of the plug / root trained plants I sell. Just make a suitable sized hole in the compost, pop the plug in and gentle firm the soil around it.

See my Planting Eucalyputs page 😉