Curtain Hooks

The Silent Gliss version of this hook is perhaps the brand leader, certainly in the UK, however I’ve load tested the nodeko equivalent and there’s nothing to choose between them, other than price. The Silent Gliss equivalent is more than twice the price !

nodeko 608 shower curtain hook
nodeko shower curtain hook

Curtain Track Gliders

All of the leading brands:

  • Goelst
  • Silent Gliss
  • Mottura

manufacture narrow and wide channel metal tracks.

The spare parts including the gliders are expensive because they are branded.
I’ve been selling spare parts for curtain tracks since 2003, and am confident you will find the nodeko versions equal the branded in quality for a fraction of the price.

nodeko Narrow Channel Gliders

nodeko 912 eye glider plain narrow
nodeko eye glider plain narrow

nodeko Wide Channel Gliders

nodeko wide channel glider 910
nodeko wide channel glider

The load test shows the nodeko wide channel glider in an Integra Discreet track; 20 kilos is very impressive.

nodeko Eye glider turnable load test

nodeko Recess Glider

These are used where the track is secured to the ceiling with screws that are within the glider channel.

The illustration below shows how these recess gliders allow more clearance for the gliders to run past the fixing screws.

nodeko eye glider recess illustration
nodeko 909 eye glider recess
nodeko eye glider recess

nodeko Eye Glider Turnable

nodeko 920 eye glider turnable
nodeko eye glider turnable

Although the part that fits into the glider channel is slightly smaller than those of the popular Integra discreet gliders, the nodeko eye glider turnable fits in the track and is a suitable substitute.

nodeko Eye glider turnable discreet button slide comparison