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nodeko eye glider recess. This is my terminology, there is are a couple of other eye gliders manufactured by nodeko:

  • nodeko eye glider plain, this glider is also slightly recessed, i.e. it has a hollow part at the top so that it can pass the screws on tracks which are ceiling mounted by a screw secured through the glider channel. I would hasten to add that this Eye Glider Plain also has a slight recess!
  • nodeko eye glider turnable, the part of this glider that slots into the glider channel is round, so the glider can easily be rotated through 360° which is useful for wave or pleated curtains.

As you can see from the illustration below, if you have a ceiling fixed track which is secured with screws through the glider channel, then these recess gliders facilitate a greater clearance between the screw head and gliders to ensure no snagging.

oomtoo - nodeko eye glider recess illustration

NOTE sold in quantities of 1, photo for illustration.

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