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Properly frosty ❄️

Today, the 9th of December 2022 is the first severe frost I have experienced while growing Eucalyptus here in Ireland. It’s about -5℃ and this cold and frosty weather is set to last another five or so days.

I’m confident that most of my Eucalyptus trees will be fine, and the freezing temperatures may actually be helpful and kill most of the Psyllid, larvae and 🤞🏻eggs as well 😁 though there are a few varieties that might be borderline survival 🙁
Only time will tell…

The cold frosty weather can be very beautiful and although there was quite a lot of freezing fog first thing this morning, it was a magical experience 🙂

Snowy morning with moon
Frosty Pulverulenta
Frosty Pauciflora
Frosty Parvula
Frosty Cinerea

The fog soon burnt off and it was a crisp blue sky day

Mini forest trees in the frost