Swish Superluxe Cording Instructions

The video instructions are for the latest version of the Swish Superluxe corded tracks, though the principles are the same for all versions of the Superluxe tracks. Indeed they will also be applicable to the many other corded curtain tracks.

Swish Superluxe Cording Instructions, also Supreme Glide.
Below are the instructions for assembling the Swish Superluxe curtain track. Its in three parts, the first dealing disassembling your track, the second assembling a track corded from both sides, starting around 3 minutes into the video, the third assembling tracks corded from one side only, starting around 10.5 minutes.

Here’s a trailer

Good luck 🍀

The image below is a screen shot of the instructions that you will be able to access if you purchase ( €1.95) access to Swish Superluxe Cording Instrucitons 😉

Superluxe cording instructions screen shot

Purchase access to complete video, photo and text instructions Full content follows…