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The aftermath of the December 2022 severe weather event.

I am describing this as a severe weather event due to the prolonged frost, eleven nights below zero, a couple below -5℃ The other factor that for me categorises this as severe was the freezing fog especially during the mornings on several days. On a few days all day !

The coldest temperature recorded in Ireland was way back in 1881, -19.1℃. During the freeze of 2010, the lowest temperature in Ireland was -17.5℃
Source Met Γ‰ireann

I couldn’t find any information pertaining to the average duration of frost periods, though other than the freeze of 2010 when I was in Scotland; I’d estimate less than five days, probably closer to the occasional day or two here and there.

So given that this was a particularly severe and unusual weather event, I am very pleased to report that the vast majority of my Eucalyputs trees are doing well.
The Paulownia are hardy to -20℃ and they are dormant at the moment, so no issues coping with -7℃ here.

The nice surprise is that the Regnans have done so well, and the disappointment, though not particularly a surprise is that the Robusta and Botryoides look like they have perished 😒 as I say in the video, I will persevere, this has been an unusually severe weather event.