Tools List

The tools list is at the very core of any successful handyman business and likewise if you are a DIY enthusiast then knowing which tools to use and how to use and maintain them is essential to completing jobs competently.

All the essential tools are detailed as well as the extra ones it’s nice to have. The text goes through each tool, what’s its used for, how to maintain it, whether to go for the expensive or cheap versions and how much they are likely to cost.

When I set up Fitting Services ( the original handyman business I ran ) it was on a push bike and probably because of this I quickly had to detail and rationalise a list of tools which I could carry in the panniers of the push bike that would cover the majority of the jobs I did.

The two main tool boxes are essentially the list which I have have used since 1992 when I set up the Fitting Services company. Additional tools are useful and they are also listed below, however if you need a starting point and intend to supply and fit locks, door furniture and curtain tracks and poles, then the two main tool boxes and the tools they contain should be your priority…..

At the end of this page there is a video demonstrating the uses and maintenance of the tools.

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