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Trees regulate temperature 😉

I already had some inkling that trees regulate temperatures from reading some reports and watching a few videos; here’s the evidence 😉

Besides being a positive for farming, increasing the number of weeks per year livestock can graze outside, because it regulates temperature, it should reduce your energy / heating requirements during the winter, AC during the summer; an additional benefit to planting trees.

Eucalyptus grow fast and provided they are spaced far enough apart, will have access to nutrients and hydration required to enable them to retain their thick lush foliage.

There is a lot of overlap in the content I post to my web sites and social media, quite a lot about my weight gain and loss experience.
Besides the interesting information about the increased number of weeks livestock can graze during the year, what the gentleman in this video has to say about the micronutrients in food correlated with my own experience, i.e. I was malnourished because I wasn’t either the food I was eating didn’t contain enough of the nutrients I needed or my body wasn’t able to absorb them. Either way, other research I have done into mycorrhizal fungi suggests that fertiliser grown crops don’t establish mycelium networks and therefore don’t absorb the other nutrients that food should have as detailed in the video.