A brief explanation of why I’m so keen on growing trees.

There’s now no doubt that we humans are changing the climate to our’s and the planet ecosystems detriment; by burning fossil fuel.

When I first came to Ireland, like most I harvested and burnt turf, though while others continue this environmentally damaging practice I stopped within a couple of years.
I still have my wood stove and will continue to burn wood, though it is sustainable high quality Eucalyptus.

Trees don’t just capture carbon, and provide sustainable fuel for stoves !


  • Regulate water flow, helping to prevent flooding.
  • Dredge up nutrients for deeper in the ground, making them available to other plants and in return animals; we humans are also animals.
  • You can build / make things from trees.
  • They provide shade and shelter.
  • They cool the planet, temperatures in a forest can be 5℃ cooler than in an open meadow or heath in the same area. This is because they transpire, much like us humans sweating.
  • Remove toxins from the soil, Paulownia are considered to be amongst the best trees for this purpose.

For whatever reason I’ve always been interested in Eucalyptus trees, and now I had an acre to plant a few, I did, and today I now have what I call a mini forest, and if you have spare land, I’d highly recommend fast growing Eucalyptus trees.

I’m still learning about Eucalyptus trees:

  • Which varieties grow best here in Ireland; frost hardiness, resilience to strong gales, suitability to grow in boggy wet ground, etc.
  • The most efficient and effective way to plant them.