I often get asked; “why Eucalyptus”

I don’t actually have a definitive answer 🤔

There are over 750 different varieties of Eucalyptus, which grow from the warm and cold shore, though swampy ground to the exposed, freezing high mountains.

So I guess there is a Eucalyptus tree suited to most environments globally.

Fast Growing

Most grow quickly !
I’m still keen (six years after planting my first Eucalyptus here at Clounsnaghta, West Clare, Ireland) to harvest a firewood crop on an ongoing basis. So fast growth rates are appealing.

Health Benefits

There are health benefits to living in a Eucalyptus forest 😉

One scientific study couldn’t find any Cryptococcus gattii fungi in Eucalyptus forests. Living in a forest is healthy anyway, and if you can eliminate harmful pathogens by planting a Eucalyptus trees, then that’s got to be advantageous.


Despite some of the reports I read, after six years of growing my Eucalyptus forest; there’s more biodiversity that previous.

I’ll concede that, in any forest, there is more biodiversity than in an area given over to growing grass. Which was what my acre was when I first arrived. Also I stopped using chemicals, after a year or so, and that definitely helps !

Shelter & Shade

I’m on an exposed site, and the winds can be ferocious and cold !

Eucalyptus are evergreen and provide good shelter throughout the year. All trees, some more so than others provide shade during the warmer summer growing season.

Dry up Wet Ground

Ireland has high annual rainfall, and the ground here can become saturated. Its noticeably dryer now with the Eucalyptus drinking more soil moisture than most trees.