Eucalyptus Archeri

Stock status (May 2024)

I only sell root trained plugs. They establish more quickly and generally don’t require staking 😉

Eucalyptus Archeri comparison

General characteristics:

Hardy:Very, frost hardy to -15°C
Soil:Grows natively in poorly drained sites, it will be happy in a wide range of soil types and drainage providing it gets sufficient hydration.
Growth:Fast, 1.5 to 2m per year.
Height:15m in ideal conditions, more usually around 10m at maturity.
Flowering:Early winter to late spring.
Biomass:Not a Eucalyptus that you will grow for firewood.

Common names

Also known as; Alpine Cider Gum

Native to Tasmania. Growing in the mountainous inland regions, this Eucalyptus isn’t found on the Australian mainland. The leaves are similar to those of Gunnii though this isn’t generally a Eucalyptus grown for its foliage, which is my opinion a shame, as especially during the cold winter months the colour is stunning.
Archeri matures to around 12m, making it ideal for smaller gardens. It also responds well to pruning, making it suitable for hedging. If pruned it will retain its juvenile leaves which are oval shaped and a deep turquoise colour.

Mature Eucalyptus Archeri, the person to the right giving a good sense of scale. Photo from Lepreskill

Eucalyptus Archeri mature specimen