Eucalyptus Botryoides

Stock status (June 2024)

General characteristics:

Hardy:Medium to -8°C
Soil:Happy in a wide variety of soils conditions, prefers moisture laden soils, though is adaptable.
Growth:Fast, up to 2m per year
Height:Up to 40m if left to grow.
Biomass:Excellent for firewood, a good coppicing variety.
Flowering:Small white flowers during mid summer.

NOTE ! my opinion is that these will be an experimental variety here in Ireland. I haven’t found them to be frost hardy, though I’m on a north facing slope that can get down to -7℃ during the winter.

Common names

Also known as; Southern Mahogany

Eucalyptus Botryoides is native to coastal areas of South Eastern Australia where it grows from the coastal dunes inland to the foothills; always on the lowlands.

On the coastal areas it will generally only grow to around 6m, though in more favourable conditions further inland it will grow into tall 40m trees. It is considered to be wind resilient and especially so of salt laden winds.

Botryoides is grown commercially for its timber, which as the common name suggest is similar to Mahogany. A rich red colour.

My interest in this variety is commercial. I believe in experimental forestry 😉 and this variety of Eucalyptus along with Robusta could potentially be a highly profitable constructional timber product. Actual Mahogany is very expensive 😮 Eucalyptus Botryoides timber is sought after. Among its uses is decking, so I assume it is rot resistant. Also used for furniture and paneling.

Photo by Forest & Kim Starr

Eucalyptus Botryoides timber

These stands are in Hawaii, thy’ve been struck by lightning, though it doesn’t seem to have deterred there enthusiasm so to speak 😮 The black charred trunks clearly visible down to the ground.

Photo by Forest & Kim Starr

Eucalyptus Botryoides stands

Eucalyptus Botryoides is also considered suitable as shelter belt and hedging.