Eucalyptus Camphora

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I only sell root trained plugs. They establish more quickly and generally don’t require staking 😉

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General characteristics:

Hardy:Medium, frost hardy to -10°C
Soil:Grows natively in poorly drained sites, it will be happy in a wide range of soil types and drainage providing it gets sufficient hydration.
Growth:Fast, 1.5 to 2m per year.
Height:Usually 10m plus, can slowly reach 20m with maturity.
Biomass:Will coppice and grows vigorously, so a good choice for biomass, though Camphora is generally grown for the fragrance of the essential oils.
Essential oils:Camphora is grown commercially for the fragrance of the essential oils.

Common names

Also known as; Swamp gum

The fragrance of crushed up Eucalyptus Camphora leaves is very pleasant. You’ll need a still to separate the essential oils.

There are two sub species of Camphora:

  • Camphora, which are those I am selling (Swamp Gum)
  • Humeana, (Mountain Swamp Gum)

Both varieties produce emarginated tips as in those pictured below, though Humeana will have this leaf form more consistently. Both varieties are pleasantly fragrant, the name is derived from camphor.

The attractive juvenile leaves of Humeana have an interesting elongated heart shape and are pale green. Not currently (2021) on the flavour of the month list for floral foliage, though they are attractive.

Eucalyptus Camphora leaves detail

Eucalyptus Camphora is a mallee and like so many, will be full of character if exposed to the everything nature has to offer, animals, fire, wind, etc.

Credit for photo below to National Trust Australia

Eucalyptus Camphora with character