Eucalyptus Cinerea

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General characteristics:

Hardy:Moderately hardy to -8°C
Soil:Happy in a wide variety of soils, Cinerea is drought tolerant.
Growth:Fast, up to 1.5m per year
Height:10 to 15m if left to grow.
Biomass:Not a Eucalyptus variety grown for biomass
Flowering:Not generally grown for flowers and nectar for bees

Common names

Also known as:

  • Silver Dollar
  • Argyle Apple

Cinerea is very popular with florists who use the foliage in displays and is commercially cultivated for this purpose. The foliage on the seedlings is more delicate than other varieties such as Gunnii or Glaucescens.

Florists generally like the juvenile foliage of Eucalyptus which is usually round, though individual plants do vary widely.

Photo by Forest and Kim Starr

Eucalyptus Cinerea juvenile leaves

Cinerea retains rounded and ovate leave into maturity, though you may also find adult foliage become more diamond shaped, the bark is brown and fibrous.

Photo by Paco Garin

Eucalyptus Cinerea adult leaves and bark

They also make very attractive stand alone specimens trees and are considered good screening and hedging as they tend to retain lower branches. I have been experimenting with Eucalyptus hedging, and will plant a row of Cinerea as display.

Photo by Russel Dahms

Eucalyptus Cinerea adult tree