Eucalyptus Coccifera

Stock status (June 2024)

General characteristics:

Hardy:Very, frost hardy to -16°C
Soil:Will grow in a wide variety of soil types, likes hydration.
Growth:Medium, 1.5m per year.
Height:Usually 15m plus, or mallee to around 5m.
Flowering:Short season from December to February. NOTE this may reverse in Norther Hemisphere Ireland, I am still learning and will update as soon as I have better information.
Biomass:Not a Eucalyptus you will be growing for firewood, there are better choices.

Common names

Also known as; Tasmanian Snow Gum

Native to the mountainous alpine regions of Tasmania, Eucalyptus Coccifera grows at the extremity of the tree line. As you would imagine at these altitudes where severe biting winds pervade, trees often grow into tortured gnarled shapes. Personally I think it makes them interesting and full of character.

Eucalyptus Coccifera twisted gnarled

The smooth bark of Coccifera like so many of the Alpine Eucalypts is gorgeous with its white, creams, browns and grey streaking. Ireland has plenty of loughs, and the one in the photo below seems to be happy growing at the waters edge.

Eucalyptus Coccifera by the lake