Eucalyptus Glaucescens

Stock status (June 2024)

General characteristics:

Hardy:Very, frost tolerant below -16°C
Soil:Happy in a wide range of PH soils and tolerates boggy ground
Growth:Fast, up to 1.5m per year
Height:18m plus
Biomass:Good firewood, can be coppiced, polarded or logged
Floral foliage:A good choice with it’s sky blue leaves and if pruned, bushy growth. Great hedging 😉

Common names

Also known as; Tingiringi Gum

Eucalyptus Glaucescens, more commonly known as Tingiringi Gum. Like Guii, Eucalyptus Glaucescens have small round leaves with a bluish hue, a paler blue. This makes the variety popular with florists.

A very popular choice as a biomass and firewood log tree in Ireland due to its fast growth rates, 1 to 1.5m per year. Like most trees; if planted in rows, they will grow straight.

Grant aid is available for planting Eucalyptus Glaucescens, though only within 50 km of the coast. Dept of Agriculture Forest Service.

As in the video, I think there are better choices, though the specimen tree in the video has grown faster than the rates I found during research, perhaps a little over 2m in a year.

Many people grow Eucalyptus for the attractive bark and if this is you, then Glaucescens would be a good choice, not quite the psychedelic colour scheme of rainbow gums; more understated so to speak. Great as an attractive ornamental specimen tree. The photo below is of a tree in Kew botanical gardens. A fabulous natural climbing frame as well, they take well to pruningThe mature bark has attractive streaks of green to orange.

Photo by standhisround on Flickr

Eucalyptus Glaucescens growth habit & bark

A younger Glaucescens, I’d estimate at five to six years old, starting to show patterned bark on it’s lower trunk.

Photo by Terry Joyce

Eucalyptus Glaucescens young tree

Further information on Eucalyptus Glaucescens on wikipedia and Euclid