Eucalyptus Leucoxylon

Stock status (May 2024)

General characteristics:

Hardy:I would think quite tender, perhaps down to -6℃ though little information is available.
Soil:Grows natively in dry granites, basalt areas with alluvial deposits. I’m experimenting, I’ll update as new information is available.
Growth:Fast, up to 1.5m per year.
Height:Up to 20m if left to grow.
Biomass:Not a tree you will grow for biomass or firewood.
Flowering:A long flowering period from early Spring to Autumn.

Common names

Also known as; South Australian Blue Gum and White Ironbark

Eucalyptus Leucoxylon is native to the Brisbane mountain ranges of the Kimberley region of South Eastern Australia where the ground is dry and rocky.

This is a Eucalypt you will be growing for the abundance of vivid red flowers.

The subspecies I am selling is Eucalyptus Leucoxylon (Rosea) and the name suggests the rose red colouration. Flowers from other subspecies range from white to red, including pink.

Original photo on Flickr by Chrissie Jamieson

Eucalyptus leucoxylon flowers

So many Eucalypts mature into fabulous natural climbing frames and the Eucalyptus Leucoxylon below looks like it could be a lot of fun 🙂 as well as being an attractive tree.

Original photo on Flickr by Russell Dahms

Eucalyptus leucoxylon climbing frame