Eucalyptus Moorei Nana

Stock status (May 2024)

General characteristics:

Hardy:Not much information, though those I planted here in West Clare, Ireland were find with -8℃ for a couple of weeks.
Soil:Grows natively in areas of sandstone, quartzite and granite bedrock. I’m experimenting, I’ll update as new information is available.
Growth:I suspect this will be a slower growing Eucalypt, possibly half to a metre a year.
Height:Up to 6m if left to grow.
Biomass:Not a tree you will grow for biomass or firewood.
Flowering:Not known.

Common names

Also known as; Mooreana, there seems to be some confusing information, I’m still trying to work it out 🤔 a common name is Mountain White Gum.

  • Moorei My belief going by leaf shape is that the Hydrid Moore Nana is close to Moorei, subspecies (Moorie)
  • Mooreana

Anyways, both varieties have striking white bark, a common name for Mooreana is Mountain White Gum.

Both are mallees, low growing bushy trees that won’t grow particularly tall, perhaps six metres, making them ideal for smaller gardens or as a fill in for an ornamental garden.

Fresh bark growth is a pale pink which matures to white or light grey.

Eucalyptus Mooreana white bark

Below the new pale pink bark along with the display of small yellow flowers, buds and gum nuts.

Eucalyptus Mooreana flowers

I’d say both varieties have similar traits, the photos above are from a specimen growing in kings Park, Perth Australia.I’m looking forward to seeing how the couple I have here develop, though now I know how hardy those I am selling, Eucalyptus Moorei Nana, are, I will be planting more as understory hedging to compliment an existing Guii hedge, creating a nice privacy screen from the ground up. Also looking forward to a display of yellow flowers, which I am sure the bees will love. These photos are from one growing in my area here in West Clare, Ireland.

Not my best photos, I’ll make a video once they get a bit bigger. The point I’m getting across, is that the foliage is in pristine condition, even after the recent severe and prolonged frosts, December 22 / January 23

Moorei Nana full
Moorei Nana detail