Eucalyptus Nitens

Stock status (May 2024)

Eucalyptus Nitens stock
Eucalyptus Nitens stock close up

I only sell root trained plugs. They establish more quickly and generally don’t require staking 😉

Eucalyptus Nitens plug comparison

General characteristics:

Hardy:Medium, frost tolerant to -10°C
Soil:Tolerant of a wide PH and moisture range
Growth:Very fast, up to 2m per year
Height:50m plus
Biomass:Good firewood, not suitable for coppicing
Flowering:A few months, January to March in the Southern Hemisphere

Common names

Also known as; Shining Gum

Eucalyptus Nitens have grown well for me here in West Clare, Ireland.

Those in the photo below were four years old at the time of taking the photo and I’d estimate the tallest to be around ten metres.

Amongst the fastest growing of the Eucalypts. Nitens are generally grown as a firewood crop, though the timber is also used for construction, a pale coloured grain often used for floorboards. Noted for their ability to withstand strong winds makes them ideal as shelter, and for exposed sites.

Eucalyptus Nitens are a suitable Eucalyptus for costal areas. One of the best choices for firewood production for a variety of reasons, one being the straight unbranched growth if they are planted as forestry. Good logs with minimal wastage and brash debris.

Eucalyptus Nitens logs

According to the research I have done, expect to start harvesting firewood in about 7 to 10 years. Half the timescale of Ash. Growth rates of over 2m per year in ideal conditions.

If you plant as I have, a metre apart staggered, then you should start thinning them out in about 4 to 5 years, giving you some return in the form of high quality firewood.

Nitens enjoy hydration. I improved my soil with diluted milk Kefir and they really started to enjoy themselves 🤣 after that.

Eucalyptus Nitens boggy gully

Nitens can’t be coppiced, which is a shame as the juvenile foliage is beautiful.

Eucalyptus Nitens foliage 230821