Eucalyptus Obliqua

Stock status (June 2024)

General characteristics:

Hardy:Medium to -8°C
Soil:Generally will do well in PH neutral soil that is moist but well drained.
Growth:Fast, up to 2m per year
Height:A monster ! up to 90m with an equally impressive girth.
Flowering:Small white flowers white from mid summer for around six weeks, popular with bees.
Biomass:You’ll be growing this tree for your amusement rather than as a commercial biomass crop

Common names

Also known as; Stringy bark

Eucalyptus Obliqua is a tree for an enthusiast with a lot of land.

Only kidding, they don’t all grow this mighty, though it would be grand to see a few of these giants here in Ireland 🙂

Eucalyptus Obliqua girth

Because of it’s thick fibrous bark, it’s able to withstand the wild fires that frequently occur in its native Tasmania.

The video below is a bit zany, though the Tree Project is informative and factual.

Since Ireland is surrounded by coastland I have always been on the lookout for varieties which will be tolerant of strong salt laden coastal gales, and the video shows Obliqua growing right on the shoreline

The thick reddish bark and the branching architecture of Eucalyptus Obliqua reminds me of a Scots Pine forest.

Eucalyptus Obliqua forest

The photo above puts paid to the myth that Eucalyptus suck up all the nutrients in the ground and nothing grows underneath them.

So much disinformation about Eucalypts !

I’m sometimes asked about Eucalyptus trees being a deterrent to midges and other biting insects. I’ve so far come across one variety which is reported to have some effect, though in general I would say that bees in particular love drinking the nectar from Eucalyptus trees.

Eucalyptus obliqua flowers