Eucalyptus Ovata

Stock status (June 2024)

General characteristics:

Hardy:Very, frost hardy to -12°C
Soil:Grows natively in swampy areas of infertile, poorly drained sand and clay.
Growth:Fast, up to 1.5m per year
Height:Up to 20m plus if left to grow. Generally around 10m with a spread of 5m if stand alone.
Flowering:Produces white flowers, early autumn to mid winter.
Biomass:Good firewood, can be coppiced, polarded or logged

Common names

Also known as; Swamp Gum

Eucalyptus Ovata will appeal to the more hydrologically advantaged amongst you 😁 it’s common name is “Swamp Gum” and they’ll grow in a variety of areas from costal to mountain foothills.

Despite the name they will also tolerate drought conditions once established. In a changing climate with extremes of precipitation and drought, what more could you ask for than a tree that will tolerate both and also be frost hardy 🤣

This is a very useful Eucalyptus for Ireland because of its tolerance to coastal regions. From research I have done, it’s even claimed Ovata will even tolerate mildly salty soils. So may do well near the upper reaches of tidal rivers and estuaries.

One thing I’d definitely say about all the Swamp Gums is that from the get go they grow vigorously with sturdy stems within a few weeks.

Eucalyptus Ovata specimen oz trees

If you live in a coastal area, and are looking for a climbing frame for your great grand kids that has a bit of character, then perhaps Ovata is for you 🤔

Eucalyptus Ovata San Francisco Zoo
Eucalyptus Ovata scrubland

Like many Eucalyptus, the flowers of Ovata are small and white.

Eucalyptus Ovata flower