Eucalyptus Parvula

Stock status (May 2024)

General characteristics:

Hardy:Very hardy to -18°C
Soil:Happy in a wide variety of soils.
Growth:Up to 2m per year
Height:Up to 10m if left to grow.
Biomass:Not a Eucalyptus variety grown for biomass, generally cultivated for it’s foliage.

Common names

Also known as; Small leaved Gum

Previously Eucalyptus Parvula was known as Parvifolia. Popular with florists for cut foliage, unlike the blue grey foliage of Cinerea and Gunnii the colour of the leaves of Eucalyptus Parvula are pale green. The side of the stems exposed to the sun are a striking red contrast.

This isn’t unusual for Eucalyptus many varieties exhibit this reddening of the stems on the side exposed to the sun.

Eucalyptus Parvula leaves

Its dainty physique makes it ideal for smaller gardens, however don’t associate dainty with weakness ! Eucalyptus Parvula is amongst the toughest and besides extreme frosts, it will cope with an exposed site as well. Indeed it is great as a wind break.

Eucalyptus Parvula leaves in the frost
Eucalyptus Parvula flowering with buds