Eucalyptus Pauciflora

Stock status (June 2024)

General characteristics:

Hardy:Very, frost hardy to -20°C
Soil:Grows natively in stoney free draining soils. Happy in a wide range of soil types.
Growth:Slow, usually less than a 1m per year.
Height:Can reach 30m in ideal conditions, more usually a small tree around 10m.
Flowering:Late autumn to early spring.
Biomass:Not a Eucalyptus that you will grow for firewood.

Common names

Also known as; Snow Gum

Eucalyptus Pauciflora do form mallees, multi-stem trees from a lignotuber, so the specimen below might be one tree.

Eucalyptus Pauciflora in snow
Eucalyptus Pauciflora subspecies pauciflora bark

My site is very exposed, especially to the North Westerlies and I have in the past few months wondering which variety to plant on the most exposed bank. The photo below of Eucalyptus Pauciflora on a high exposed ridge in Australia has made my mind up 🙂

Would be nice to have enough land to grow a forest of Pauciflora as in the photo below, fabulous.

Eucalyptus Pauciflora forest