Eucalyptus Robusta

Stock status (June 2024)

General characteristics:

Hardy:Medium to -6°C
Soil:Happy in a wide variety of soils with a high moisture content. Will tolerate dry situations.
Growth:Fast, up to 2m per year
Height:Up to 30m if left to grow.
Biomass:Grown for firewood, can be coppiced.

Common names

Also known as; Swamp Mahogany

I had high hopes for this Eucalyptus due to the quality of the timber, but so far (April 2024) my efforts to get the young trees through their first winter have been unsuccessful 🙁 It should be noted that I am on an exposed north facing slope.
I’d still consider this variety worth experimenting with in a more clement area.

This is a tree grown commercially for its beautiful deep read constructional timber.

Eucalyptus Robusta commercial plantation
Eucalyptus Robusta plantation

Like all Eucalyptus, Robusta is fabulous firewood, though I’d be growing it for the valuable constructional timber.

Eucalyptus Robusta firewood logs

Robusta is considered to be salt tolerant and is often planted in coastal regions to stabilise sand dunes.

It also seems to be a favoured variety for Hawaii and Madagascar. Not perhaps the most similar countries in terms of climate to Ireland, being equatorial, though both are surrounded by cold ocean currents, and not the Gulf Stream.

Native to coastal regions of New South Wales, Australia, is another confirmation that Robusta is suitable for coastal regions here in Ireland and that it will tolerate salt winds.