Eucalyptus bark and leaves

Eucalyptus foliage for eco dyeing and feed for insects. Freshly cut ๐Ÿ™‚

Foliage for floral arrangements, Iโ€™d prefer if you can collect this and have it cut fresh. Get in touch to order and check availability.
Currently May 2024, I’m letting my trees grow, so floral foliage is very limited.

I will always have Eucalyptus foliage for Eco Dyeing and Insect Feed. Eucalyptus bark can be a bit seasonal, Eucalyptus shed their bark once a year. I do have a good sized mini forest now with a variety of different species, so will have stock most of the year, though it will be limited.Foliage varieties:

  • Gunnii โ€“ good supply
  • Glaucescens โ€“ limited supply
  • Pulverulenta โ€“ limited supply
  • Urnigera โ€“ limited supply
  • Perriniana โ€“ limited supply
  • Viminalis โ€“ good supply
  • Subcrenulata โ€“ good supply

Please specify when you order if you have a preference and I will do my best to accommodate this. Bark for eco dyeing will tend to be a mixture of what I have available, currently:

  • Nitens
  • Dalrympleana
  • Viminalis

Produce the most bark.

Eucalyptus trees have many uses:

  • Leaves and bark for eco dyeing
  • Foliage for floral arrangements
  • Feed for insects

as well as the:

  • Fabulous firewood
  • Constructional timber
  • Shelter
  • Shade
  • Screening
  • Hedging