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Growing Eucalyptus

If you are planting small plugs during the winter, then protection / shelter from the gales is advisable, though having said this, Rodwayi I planted during the winter of 2020/21 survived without any issue on an exposed bank.

A study by teagasc recommends late spring to early summer planting to allow for good establishment before the first frosts of winter. I conducted a planting during frosty conditions experiment.
As above, so long as the ground has moisture in it, then it doesn’t matter when you plant, though likewise above, protection from

The teagasc report has some very detailed and scientifically presented information about growth rates and spacing, however they conflict with other reports and advice I have seen.

If you intend to plant just one, or a few specimen trees, then the shovel will be the only tool you will need in most cricumstances. If you are planning to plant a mini forest for personal firewood, some mechanical assistance will be helpful.
As of 2021 I still have my one person petrol earth auger, though it is hard work and in stony ground even more so. Hence I bought a small auger attachment for the electric drill and it works very effectively even though it can still catch on the stones. I now only plant and propagate plugs / root trainers and the drill attachment earth auger is perfect for planting this size of tree. Large plugs will be big enough to outpace most vegetation assuming you clear it first.
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