Eucalyptus as hedging

I was initially very enthusiastic about Eucalyptus as hedging, and some varieties can create dense screening to ground level; e.g. Subcrenulata.

My first go at creating a Eucalyptus hedge was in the town garden of my house in Edinburgh

Eucalyptus Gunnii hedge Gilmerton April 2015

It worked reasonably well. I trimmed it several times a year.

I was keen to try and promote thick growth lower down, and decided the next time, I’d effectively stool them, cutting back to about 20cm from the ground.

Gunnii hedge cut pruners

It did work. Perhaps I was just unlucky with a late strong cold wind that burnt off some of the fresh new growth.

Eucalyptus Gunnii hedge new growth shoots 140720

Around half a dozen of the trees didn’t make it. Only prune during the warm summer months when the trees will have a chance to recover.

What surprised me when I cut it back was the thickness of the bark !

Eucalyptus Gunnii bark thickness

Several of the popular Eucalyptus take well to pruning, provided:

  • It is done during the warm growing season
  • They are not stooled

NOTE I am in Ireland, you may have a different experience depending on your climate.

I’ll cut every third or fourth tree back to around a metre during alternate summers. Part of my Eucalyptus strategy has always been as a firewood crop, and I’ll be glad of the additional fuel.