Eucalyptus & wet ground

My soil is free draining, though it can become very saturated during the winter. months. It isn’t peat, as in a bog, it’s quite rich and loamy.

I’d say the soil composition is more important that whether it’s saturated with free standing water.

There are many, many varieties of Eucalyptus; there are even swamp gums, which as you’d expect, are happy in wet ground.

Swamp Gums

In general all of the Eucalyptus varieties I’ve planted have been happy in wet ground for a few months during the winter, and will dry up saturated ground during the warm growing season. Indeed, the year I started my mini forest, 2018 was very dry, and the trees grew noticeably with more precipitation towards the end of the summer.

There are limits to everything, and the substantial increase in rainfall during 2023 – 24 did affect the bark on some of the trees, though once the weather warmed and the days lengthen, they recovered.