Farm Shelter

On reading the article abut wind protection in New Zealand I felt compelled to add a page to my site.

One of my earliest enquiries was from a farmer near Kilkee in West Clare, just after a severe unseasonal cold hail storm with strong winds. They had just put the cattle out and they got pelted. I’ve recently sold Eucalyptus trees specifically for farm shelter.

My initial impetus for starting my Eucalyptus business was to promote Eucalyptus as a firewood / biomass crop with the advantage of being carbon neutral in comparison with other fuels such as turf.
The more I have expanded and researched the more valuable I have found Eucalyptus to be.

Establishing shelter on your farm will have some disadvantages, but these are vastly outweighed by the advantages.
With forethought, many of the disadvantages can be negated.

  • reduce stock losses during lambing, calving and shearing
  • dramatically increase crop yields and pasture production
  • reduce soil erosion
  • improve capital and resale value of a property
  • source of firewood
  • source of timber
  • source of pollen for bees
  • create a more pleasant and attractive working environment

Some Eucalyptus varieties can provide a fast growing shelter belt which you can coppice or log for firewood on an ongoing basis.