Wind Burn

All trees and plants get wind burn, and because Eucalyptus is evergreen, its more susceptible during the cold strong winter gales.

My experience has been that most Eucalyptus recover.

Those in the video below are Viminalis growing within half a kilometer of the coast at Liscannor, West Clare, Ireland.

They haven’t grown especially well, though the hard bedrock is very close to the surface, so not much for the roots to dig into.

Anyway, they’ve been there for over six years now and are still toughing it out !

My before and after photos from my first planting say it all. I planted just before the Beast from the East storm struck, and this is what it looked like afterwards.

A lot of brown, burnt off foliage

Beast from the east Eucalyptus 020418

and six years later it has recovered and is growing strongly. The more mature trees get, the hardier and more adapted to their environment they become.

Beast from the East 6 years later