Van Layout

The setting up a handyman business series contains four posts:

  • Basics before you begin.
  • Advertising and Marketing.
  • Administration and Communication.
  • Van layout.

A snippet of the Van Layout text is below. The full text is two thousand two hundred words with illustrative images and a video.

For anyone who likes to be efficient with their time and efforts the contents of this post will be well worth reading, whether you need to organise your van or any workspace.

Van Layout

One look in the back of many workies’ vans will tell you that they have organisational issues !
Usually there is a jumble of tools and materials chucked in there and although they will say they know where to find everything using the term organised chaos. I always used to have a wry smile when they would climb in and look for some particular widget, grommet or tool for half an hour or so before heading for the suppliers to get a duplicate. What a waste of time and money and it causes what I term, ‘physic damage’, not only to the workie concerned, but also to their customers and, if they have managed to employ any staff, then them as well……

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