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Walkabout September 22

Despite the dry conditions, very little precipitation during the spring and summer, everything continues to grow, with the Eucalyptus Regnans, Nitens and other varieties putting on considerable growth in a year 😮
There’s been a considerable increase in the amount of Eucalyptus flowers that have bloomed this year and many more of the Eucalyptus trees have developed flower buds, so I am expecting even more flowers next year.

I’ve started experimenting with Paulownia and Robinia Pseudoacacia.
Initially I’d hoped the Paulownia would produce rapid growth and good firewood fuel, though now don’t think they will be a major contributor to my renewable energy needs. Instead I think they will provide biodiversity and an abundance of flowers during the early spring.
So far I have only planted a few Robinia, Black Locust, though like the Paulownia some expectation of firewood and a high likelihood of increased biodiversity and an early blooming flowers.

I’ve started on my journey towards growing more of my own food, and part of the preparation involves digging out the pond area and using the soil for the salad beds in the poly tunnel.
Pleased to be making a start on this, the fresh food will help me with other goals I have set myself, and digging out the pond area and establishing a pond for wildlife will further increase biodiversity 🙂