The main focus of this page is nicotine addiction, though the tips and techniques may be useful to those suffering from other addictions.


Most of us start smoking due to peer pressure, to look cool, to fit in. Then we try to give up because we hate the disgusting taste in our mouths, the disgusting smell of stale smoke on our clothes and in our homes, the filth of used ashtrays in our homes and cars. So we try to stop. Aha, not so easy or is it in fact very easy 😉

Throughout my life I have managed to give up smoking here and there, and without any real effort. Though later on I did find it difficult, and the situation became critical, especially when I moved house and picked up the viruses and allergies that gave me a hacking cough.

These are the techniques and resources I used to give up smoking.

Firstly read the Allen Carr’s the easy way to give up smoking, and my strong advice is to set aside several days and read the book from cover to cover. Follow the instructions to the letter ! Following the instructions in the book is very very important. To be honest even if you don’t smoke the book is worth reading as the punchline is so clever 🤣
It’s amazing how many people rave about this book, and how effective it is. Wonder why national health services don’t supply this method of giving up smoking as default ? Perhaps it would be so effective they will all be out of a job 😉

I added other techniques to the foundation his book provides, READ THE BOOK ! but do utilise any techniques that will help. Mine, other peoples or your own !

These are the other techniques I found effective in releasing myself from the very destructive nicotine addiction:

  • Take L-Glutamine supplement. L-Glutamine is a naturally occurring amino acid which can become depleted if you are unwell. Athletes and body builders also take L-Glutamine to help replenish this amino acid in their muscles so that they can train longer and harder. My theory is that smoking depletes the body of certain nutrients and chemicals it needs and instead of replacing them with the natural and beneficial nutrients and chemicals, the craving takes over and they are again replaced, or should I say masked by the chemicals and toxins in cigarettes and so on. Whatever the reason I definitely found taking L-Glutamine supplement took the edge off my cravings. Even months after I’d given up, when I would suddenly find myself pacing around in an agitated state I would take a couple of L-Glutamine tablets and within a short time I’d have calmed down.
    Editing this in 2024, I’m reminded of the significant impact eating probiotic food had on my behavior, especially eating Sauerkraut
  • Start exercising regularly and as vigorously as possible. Huff and puff exercise as they are called will help blow out much of the toxin and harmful chemicals lodged in your lungs. Exercise in general will help remove other toxins and poisons from your system, as your internal organs that help with their removal such as the liver and kidneys function more effectively if you are exercise regularly.
    If you haven’t exercised for a while, then take it easy. Keep within yourself. Many people give up exercising due to injury, DON’T be one of them 😉
  • Drink lots of tea ! Tea, and I hasten to add without sugar which is a stimulant. Tea has been proven to have a relaxing effect on the mind. Green tea is supposed to be best, but generally tea and not coffee which is a stimulant.
  • DO SOMETHING ELSE ! Whenever you find yourself craving for a cigarette DO SOMETHING ELSE ! After dinner is a particularly vulnerable time, so get up from the table and do the dishes instead of reaching for the cigarettes.
    Mmm, well say you are in conversation with someone and you can’t just walk away and do something else. Perhaps have a set of rosary beads or similar in your pocket to play with until the craving subsides. This gives your hands something to do.
    Perhaps concentrate on listening to the person you are with ! That’s still doing something else. The trick is that whenever you find yourself having a craving JUST DO SOMETHING ELSE !
  • Become very aware of your emotions and cravings, analyse them, “Mmm, I’m having a craving, how does this feel ? how long is it lasting ? what external factors are influencing this craving and what emotional state am I in ?”
    Perhaps like me certain situations can make you a bit nervous and this can then be an “in” for your craving. Start learning about yourself, see yourself from the outside in and take control.
  • Give up alcohol, alcohol dulls the mind and will weaken your resolve.
  • Avoid friends and situations where opportunities, or pressure will be put on you to smoke. “lead yourself not into temptation”
  • Chewing Liquorish root gave me something to do with my hands and also my mouth ! It may not be everybody’s taste ! but it definitely helped me 🙂

You can go without smoking and do so regularly:

  • You go to sleep for six to eight hours at a time and wake up without any issues or having had any cravings while your were sleeping
  • I used to work on an oil rig in the North Sea. Smoking wasn’t permitted outside. So often six hours or so would pass without the opportunity to smoke. It was easy to go without smoking then, why not all the time 🤔
  • You get on a plane for perhaps ten or more hours on a long hall flight, longer if you include checkin waiting around etc. you can’t smoke then, but manage to get off the plane at the destination no worse off from not having smoked, indeed the opposite will be true !

So it will be easy to extend these periods especially if you employ the techniques mentioned above.

If at first you don’t succeed keep trying. The more often you break the chains of your addiction the easier it will be the next time to break free totally, because you will have already weakened the links in your addiction chain.

Giving up smoking gave me a great sense of empowerment, I was in control again and not the nicotine:

  • It is great to be able to get up in the morning and get on with my life rather than having to first of all have a cup of coffee and a cigarette.
  • It is great to be able to taste my food and not to smother it with the disgusting taste of tobacco smoke straight after a meal.
  • It is great to have saved around €100,000, as at the beginning of 2024 and still counting. You can a house for that !
  • It is great to not have the smokers cough.

I know you will give up smoking, taking the time to read this page proves you want to give up smoking, and now it is just a matter of time.
I am happy that you will very shortly get your life back 🙂


I’m very happy to support any technique which helps with giving up smoking, however be aware !

  • I gave up before vaping became fashionable, but don’t think you are inhaling something benign ! Vaping is less harmful than smoking tobacco, but it is full of toxins and the addictive substance NICOTINE !
    If you are using vaping as a method to break your nicotine habit then that’s fine, but don’t fool yourself ! You still need to give up nicotine !
    Vaping costs as well 😏
  • Patches were all the rage when I was going through the process of quitting smoking around the turn of the millennium. To be honest all that happened was, after a few days, sometimes even after a few hours ! I would take the patch off, have a cigarette, then put the patch back on 🙄
    Patches costs as well as does another incarnation, chewing gum. Chewing gum is a stress related activity, if you find you are chewing gum incessantly, then take note and try to discover why you are stressed.

I’d really like you to have your money, that you will save from giving up smoking to spend on healthy items which will bring you a lot more happiness 🙂

Give up smoking and be happy 😀

Good luck 🍀

Part time alcoholism

There are a lot of part time alcoholics. These are people who, like I used to be, drink well over the recommended max. I think you should decide your recommended max ! and for me that’s a few units a year. I used to have around six units a day; I don’t miss it, another huge financial saving and I’m much more capable and enjoy life more 🤣

Anyways these are people who generally drink in the evenings, sometimes quite a lot ! but be fully functional the next day and hold down jobs, often very skilled and challenging ones. Raise families and run households. Wonder how much more effective they would be at everything if they weren’t part time alcoholics 🤔 I am’m way better !

  • Improved memory
  • Improved concentration
  • Improved problem solving ability

Mental health gets a lot of coverage these days in the 2020’s though it tends to focus on the extremes. Mental health is also your ability to remember, concentrate and solve problems.

Life is so much more enjoyable now I don’t have any addictive traits !
I also have the money I’ve saved to spend on the things that further improve my life and happiness 🙂

Hope this helps, good luck 🍀