After several attempts a pattern emerged which led me to the conclusion that it was where I was staying and some of the people in the group I hung out with, which was making it impossible for me to implement a regular structured exercise regime and eat a healthy amount of food with moderate alcohol consumption.

What possible factors led to bouts of what I broadly describe as “whatever ails me”

Apart from uncontrollable overeating and (part time alcoholism, also uncontrolled):

  • Asthma
  • Poor posture, my body seeming to be tensed up and contorting itself
  • Allergic rhinitis
  • General fatigue and lethargy

I still suffer from all of the above, though thankfully they are not chronic anymore and my symptoms continue to gradually improve.

To a large extent my conclusion is that I was overeating and over drinking because I was malnourished. Sounds bazar as I was eating a lot and it was high quality food !
So how could I possibly be malnourished ?

Put simply, due to some environmental factor(s), pathological or otherwise, my digestive system couldn’t extract all the nutrients my body needed from the food I was eating and therefore kept craving more and more food 😏

What I did about it

I went for a week long holiday, staying in a remote cottage in the highlands of Scotland; the difference was dramatic. Complete remission from asthmatic symptoms, a significant reduction in the chronic clicking of my neck vertebrae caused by muscle tensions and more energy and enthusiasm for life than I’d had for a very long time.

A couple of points to note other than the clean, pollution free mountain air:

  • The water supply to the cottage was from a mountain stream and with no added chemicals, i.e. chlorine. It did have a uv filtration tank to kill all the bugs and I would recon additional particulate filters.
  • During the stay I went to visit an old school friend in the town I grew up in, Lossiemouth. Anyways a bottle of wine that the owners of the cottage had left on the table and that I had no issues avoiding previously, was consumed very quickly on my return.
    Why do I mention this ?
    Said friend had serious alcohol issues in the past as well as obesity problems and was now a type 1 diabetic.
    The connections will become clearer as I tell my story.

Generally I was in better shape until I returned home and the environment which was causing “whatever ails me”
It was back to the pattern of overeating and excessive drinking. I always managed too, and on occasions, it was force myself to exercise. Hill / mountain walking kept me alive ☠️ I’m very serious when I say this !

Some corroboration

Was it just me 🤔 and does the environment we live in affect our health, mental and physical.

Why do some of us find it so difficult to control what we eat ? Why do some people have mental health issues issues 🤔
Is there an environmental factor 🤔

A few examples of people at the last place and elsewhere who suffered from “whatever ails me”

  • By the time I left ‘the last place’ several of the neighbours who were previously very fit and had no weight issues had started to get fat. I watched a few others become obese like me in the same times scale. This despite the fact some did a lot of training, one was a Karate Black Belt and did a half marathon, but they still got fatter and fatter 🙁
  • A relative used to tell a story about a couple he and his wife knew. The man got cancer and they decided to sell up everything and move to the coast for the remaining time the man had left to live. He recovered 😁 possibly because his environment changed 🤔
  • I’ve read several books, including Clean Gut. It seems that the authors make a decision to change jobs, vocations and or where they lived, and hence environments and the people they had contact with. Their health improves. These people also described poor digestion and had obesity and weight lose issues. These were perfectly reasonable and intelligent human beings, one a doctor, and another an investment analyst who weren’t fully in control of themselves. I strongly suspect due to their environment.
  • A UK TV series called Grand Designs had an episode where a family were building a fabulous home in the Highlands of Scotland. The man had health issues and was convinced that once he moved into their new home with a completely new set of clothes, bedding and furniture etc, his health would improve. He was right, his health did improve.
  • A helper in one post office that I used towards the end of my stay in my previous home had similar issues, but relating to alcohol. The person said, from previously having no issues with alcohol and addiction, suddenly they just couldn’t stop drinking. I wonder if something in their personal environmental space changed 🤔 I’d be surprised if it hadn’t.
  • There was a particularly distressing story about an obese young woman who was given the opportunity to go to a camp in the US to lose weight, effectively she changed her environment and the people she hung out with. It worked 😀 She lost a lot of weight 😮
    Then she had to come home to the environment where she experienced her obesity issues. Her food cravings returned even more severely than they had been before. Firemen had to remove the living room window to get her out of the house 😧 She was distraught because everyone was ridiculing her. She complained that she just couldn’t stop eating. I sympathise with her and understand the cravings for food she was experiencing, even though I never quite reached the low point she did.
  • Going back further into history, we have the stories about the Eskimos dying from catching influenza from European explorers. The Inca empire’s downfall, not because the European explorers were better militarily, but because the Incas couldn’t cope with the diseases the conquistadors brought with them.

Extreme examples I grant you, though they prove the point I am making; the environment and people in it can affect our health, including abnormal food cravings.

Even once I’d moved I met people who would tell me they just couldn’t eat a few squares of chocolate from a bar, they would have to finish it. Others with alcohol addictions, once they got the craving there was no stopping them.
I was like this at the last place I stayed as well. That is, there were occasions when I just couldn’t help myself. Whether it was food, salty snacks or alcohol. Usually it was all three 😏

I firmly believe that given the right environment and nutrition the body will heal itself, and no longer crave substances which are damaging to it.